Covid-19 in Canada

Canadians have a critical role to maintain social distancing as the government considers when, and how, segments of the economy can be reopened.

Canadian sentiment and trends

Canadians are expressing mixed and changing feelings as COVID-19 progresses. Now more than ever, Canadians have a critical role to mai­ntain social distancing as the government engages in conversation regarding when, and how, segments of the economy can be reopened.

Optometry community in Canada

During such unprecedented times, it’s wonderful to see a universal sense of care and camaraderie emerge among optometrists across Canada. Below are a few examples of individuals and organizations in our industry who are stepping up to make a difference.

Individual efforts in the community

In a short period of time, many eye care professionals within our community have made a positive impact on the lives of Canadians. Below are some examples that may be valuable for your practice to implement or for you to share with your patients:

Organizations leading by example


Thank you to our partners

The Council for Healthy Eyes Canada (CHEC) very much appreciates ongoing leadership from our industry partners in helping to found the highly successful (TAYE) integrated marketing, communications and data collection campaign. We also would like to thank Canadian eye care professionals such as Optometrists at this very challenging time.

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